Wednesday 27 December 2023

Why "Portsmouth" ? Why "Money" ?


Well, back in 2004 when I first started producing the Folk At Five radio show on Argyll FM, I wanted a distinctive folk-sounding tune to differentiate that show from the pop and rock of "Sounds Of The Seventies and Echoes Of The Eighties", the tagline I made up for my original evening show on the station. Then as now, I was using the instrumental break from Pink Floyd's "Money" as a filler tune between other segments, and I still use that whole track from the "Dark Side Of The Moon" album to close out many of my shows. At live events in the 1970s, it had become the cue to turn up the venue house lights, and on the radio now, it still indicates "end of show".

So why was "Money" chosen in the first place? That choice goes back to the days when I started listening to Radio Caroline, one of my earlier musical influences. They used Booker T and the MGs' "Green Onions" as a filler tune between broadcasts. I liked that sound, but I couldn't find my copy. What I did have was copies of Dark Side Of The Moon on various media, so I used a tune from it that I knew and enjoyed.

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