Along with many people, I enjoy most kinds of music, with rhythmic, melodic pop, rock and folk music being particular favourites. As a presenter on local independent commercial radio station Argyll FM, I share my musical choices with other radio listeners on the Tea Time Show at 1800 on Fridays and the Folk Show at 1700 daily, Mondays through Saturdays. Argyll FM broadcasts on 106.5, 107.1 and 107.7 to the west coast of Scotland. As well as in Argyll, programmes are heard in parts of Antrim, Ayrshire and Arran.

Music, specifically recorded music, is a big part of my life. My playlists are published retrospectively as 'blogs. By searching for these tracks in Google, listeners can quickly locate more information about the music and locate a source for buying it.

Whilst there are many existing web sites giving information about music and its performers and writers, there does not seem to be one which also lists music publishers. This has spawned a personal project to locate or build a comprehensive database containing information about recorded music, performers, writers and publishers. If you know better, please let me know!
I hope you enjoy browsing around.