Radio presenter & Event DJ:

  • creation of playlists to suit clients' parameters
  • presentation of music as MC and/or DJ at events
  • production of radio shows and shows for events
  • production of advertising spots and community notices
  • script writing

Information Technology:

Trevor Oxborrow retired from business activity in July 2009. He directs commercial enquirers to the following organization if appropriate:

    Tree of Life Computers

In retirement, Trevor Oxborrow continues to provide assistance to some community and non-profit organizations, and to some individuals. Services include:

  • systems analysis and design
  • database design
  • web site design integration, maintenance and search engine optimisation
  • copy writing and proof reading
  • IT consultancy, mentoring and training
Cost guide:

Work and services may be invoiced if required, but payment will generally be to a nominated charity. Even where work is not invoiced but donated, organizations are still required to account for it as "Notional Income", so the following rates are a guide to that:

  • Web page creation - £200.
  • More complex web site creation which includes the facility for on-line content management by the client is valued from £1000.
  • A change of style to an existing site is typically valued at £200 - £500, depending on complexity. We will estimate for a makeover based on example web sites or an artistic mock-up.
  • Disbursements, including web hosting and domain name registration at, for example, http://www.virtualnames.co.uk/ are charged at cost. Handling fees are valued at 5% of the payment.
  • All other work is valued at £50 per hour, as is all travel outside the PA28 postcode area.


  • Road travel is charged at 50p per mile ex. Campbeltown, PA28 6NX
  • Sea and air travel charged at cost
  • Overnight stays - accommodation and subsistence charged at cost