Saturday 27 June 2009

Folk Show Playlist, Saturday 27 June 2009

Nathan Abshire - Les Filles Du Canada
Saga - Yesterday's Rain
Vatersay Boys - Raghall a'Lac's Favourite Waltzes
John Williamson - Hawksbury River Lovin
Anna Massie - Bogle's Majority
Corries - The Rose Of Allendale
Outside Track, The - Smugglers Of Strangford
Hilary James - Polly Vaughan
Tom Paxton - Bottle Of Wine
Norman Mackay - Elizabeth's Tune
Van Morrison & The Chieftains - Ta Mo Chleamhnas Deanta
Bobby Gardiner - Pieces Banbridge Town, Mr. Mc Guire, Pride Of The Bronx
Rosanna O'Byrne - My Aphrodisiac Is You
Eliza Carthy - Haddock and Chips