Friday 25 December 2009

Poison education, invade privacy, abuse standards?

Why would anyone want to poison education, invade privacy, support a monopoly, lock themselves in to one manufacturer, abuse standards, have Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) imposed on them or threaten security? Yet that's what they're doing, or at least supporting, when they choose to use Windows' proprietary software over software with freedom built in - that is the case against Microsoft and proprietary software in general at

Branching out from simply promoting free software (the "free" has the meaning as in "freedom" and not as in "free lunch"), the Free Software Foundation are on the attack against erosion of liberty from the software giant. It is well worth reading and understanding their campaign. They've also coined the word "antifeature" - "functionality that a technology developer will charge users to not include". It is more difficult for a company to limit Internet connections, not something that any user would request, than it is to leave them unconstrained.