Friday 23 July 2010

Lib Dems doing well in Council by-elections.

Last night on This Week, Ed Miliband tried to rubbish Lib Dem prospects in the next set of Council elections (May 2011 for England, 2012 for Scotland). Fortunately Olly Grender was there to refute him.

Yesterday, Lib Dems held two wards and won another from the Tories:
1. Nethermayne Ward, Basildon: Lib Dem 605; Lab 461; Con 372; UKIP 280; BNP 70; Ind 18. LD HOLD.
2. Kidlington North, Cherwell DC: Lib Dem 526; Con 419; Lab 216; UKIP 86. LD HOLD.
3. Torbay: Lib Dem 801; Con 365; Lab 195; UKIP 159. LD gain from Con on "massive swing" to LD.

The evidence is there to show that in general, the public like the idea of parties working together for the common good. To continue that, we now need a voting system that ensures balanced government, so that a small minority of people in marginal seats cannot in future overwhelm the will of the majority.

The Alternative Vote (AV) system, soon to be the subject of a referendum, is a small step in the right direction.