Friday 11 June 2010

Saved £160 on car insurance by staying with same company!

When my insurance renewal quotation came in from LV=, it was for £346. Having researched my choice of insurer quite thoroughly in the first place, normally I let renewals ride and go through automatically, but this time I checked online for a quote. Using the first link on Google search results (, I was surprised to find that the cheapest quote for the same cover was for £186 - from LV=. Suspicious as ever, I phoned for an explanation. It seems that my policy was "not a current product", but after going through existing circumstances and requirements, the LV= agent came up with £186 again for their "current product".

Moral? Never trust automatic renewals and always check out the competition. I've been too lazy or busy in other years to take the 45 minutes it took this time to save £160.