Friday 11 February 2011

Net problems leave users floundering

Facebook _and_ Twitter are both reporting problems with users updating their status.

Recently, many Tiscali broadband users were abandoned by Talk Talk, who cut off their internet connection without warning and then did not provide a MAC to enable re-provision of service by another supplier.

A back-hoe digger rips up the main telephone fibre-optic cable, taking thousands off the air at a stroke.

A road accident pulls down telephone lines, leaving subscribers disconnected until BT are able to repair it, which could be many days.

We're all so dependent on internet connectivity these days. It _is_ the coffee shop and market stall for many in remote areas, and cities too, it seems. When will we get reliable and universal covereage with responsive maintenance?

For businesses, these outages are surely worse than the strikes of old. For individuals, their connection with the world is compromised. Both have to resort to increasing their road mileage to cover. If we're going to reduce our dependency on oil and minimise mileage, we've got to get the telecommunications right.