Saturday, 9 July 2011

Open Letter to Coalition MPs on News International

News International's governance is clearly inadequate, as, if the current allegations are true, it failed to prevent illegal payments to the police for information, and it condoned, or neglected to detect, illegal phone tapping. How then can the UK government clear it for a BskyB takeover? Surely the Coalition's own governance would then be in doubt?

Until, and if, the bribery and tapping allegations prove to be unfounded, there should be no question of allowing a controlling interest of a major TV broadcaster to fall into their hands.

Calling for Rebekah Brook's resignation is all very well - at least she offered it as I understand - but the responsibility for the corporate culture and climate goes higher even than her post.

The government seems to be soft-pedalling on this - why? Unless the economy achieves a spectacular recovery by the end of its 5-year term, both Tories and Lib-Dems will lose heavily at the next election. The Lib-Dems have probably already committed electoral suicide because of the student fees fiasco.

This is an opportunity for the Coalition to prove they have the courage and will to stand up to media conglomerates and monopolizers, and that British democracy is working in the interests of its citizens.

Well, those are my views. I encourage everyone to write to their MP on the subject. I have written to mine. The WriteToThem web site provides a lot of help, and shows their voting record on "key issues" as well.