Thursday, 22 December 2011

Solstice Balls

It's the Winter Solstice (it was actually 05:30 on 22 December 2011), the end of one celestial year and the start of the new. Time to reflect that some ancient Romans almost got it right in choosing a date for the dawn of the new religious age (3 days out) and the new calendar year (10 days out). Not bad considering the resources available at the time. We can enjoy the thought that the days start getting longer again.

Trying to ignore the various references to Piers Morgan's face on Twitter, I am drawn to the The Independent story of Ed Balls' attempt to drive a wedge between LibDem and Tory members of the Coalition government ( This from Ed Balls the politician. In the same article, Ed Balls the economist makes very pertinent statements about the prospects for 2012.

As it happens, perhaps as one should expect, the LibDems have put up a robust ripost ( Tom Brake MP puts it best: "It is the season of goodwill, but I fear Ed Balls may have been at the mulled wine when he said this. This Coalition exists to clean up the mess Labour left behind. Not only are Ed Balls and Ed Miliband in denial about the economy, over 13 years they trampled on our civil liberties, launched an illegal war in Iraq, pandered to big business and the City, and left a huge gap between the richest and the poorest. So, thanks but no thanks."