Saturday, 18 October 2014

Keeping up the pressure

38 Degrees ( is pressing Westminster to keep its promises to #Scotland.

This week, over 100,000 38 Degrees members signed a petition calling on Westminster to keep its promises to Scotland made on the eve of the referendum. 38 Degrees members from Scotland delivered the petition to Downing Street and then it was debated in the House of Commons. Last week, hundreds of 38 Degrees members came together, up and down the country, to tell people on their streets about a scary EU-US trade deal that could allow corporations to sue governments. Together, more than 2.9 million of us are showing that people power really can be a force for change. And there are lots more exciting events coming up.

The ideas and suggestions of 38 Degrees members help decide what we are going to campaign on together. You can be a part of 38 Degrees by visiting the website and taking action on an issue that matters to you.

I'm a member of this campaigning organisation. Thank you for reading thus far. You can join in and help decide on future campaigns: