Saturday 2 May 2015

Saturday 02 May 2015

Donnie Munro - Mo Chruinneag Bhoidheach,
Robyn Stapleton - The Two Sisters,
Ian Carr and the Various Artists - Piggy I'm In Jail,
Robyn Stapleton - The Shuttle Rins,
Mumford & Sons - Below My Feet,
The Singing Postman - Wass The Bottom Dropped Out,
Krista Detor - Honey Down A String,
Breabach - Good Drying,
Becci Wallace - Eastern Breeze,
Celtic Fiddle Festival - Soggy's + Waterboogie,
Chloe Hall - Dance With Me,
Michelle Burke - My Boy Billy,
James Duncan MacKenzie - Lament For The Iolaire.