Saturday, 19 December 2015

Saturday 19 December 2015

Folk At Five playlist:
Jeremy Taylor - The Donkey's Charter,
Maeve MacKinnon - Ffionghuala,
Spinners, The - La Vielle De Noe,
Kenneth McKellar - Ae Fond Kiss,
Na Seudan √ôr - 'ille Dhuinn, 's Toigh Leam Thu,
Bill Jones - The Two Brothers,
Billy Connolly, John McCusker And Others - The Rose Of Sharon,
Cajun Grass Band - La Cravat,
Coaltown Daisies - In Your Wake (I Call),
Ceili Moss - Drinklied,
Pete Morton - Poverty Frap,
Bryan O'Leary & Colm Guilfoyle - Eily Buckley's Fancy + Paddy Cronin's, Polkas,
Spinners - Lord Of The Dance,
Robyn Stapleton - Noran Water,
Barbara Dickson & Rab Noakes - (Don't Say) Money Doesn't Matter .