Monday 2 May 2016

Monday 02 May 2016

Folk At Five playlist:
Eamon Friel - It Hasn't Happened Yet,
Wee Toon Tellers - Our Highland Queen, Belfast Hornpipe, Maudabawn Chapel,
Norman Mackay - Mr MacFarlane,
Andy May Trio - The Sailor's Wife + Quick And Merry,
Barbara Dickson - Baker Street,
Steffen Gabriel and Cornelius Bode with Barbara Hintermeier - Kitty Lie Over + The Lilting Fisherman + The Bank Of Turf,
Ian Roland - Heal My Heart,
Chris Stout & Finlay MacDonald - Algiers,
Krista Detor - Fine Print,
Sarah-Jane Summers and Juhani Silvola - Am Piobaire Sith [The Fairy Piper] + The Drunken Lady,
Chris Flegg - Now That I'm A Father  .