Friday 29 July 2016

Crazy decision averted, for now!

Greenpeace have just sent out this email, which I feel compelled to share verbatim.

Last night saw a huge moment for people power. Despite French energy company EDF voting in favour of pushing ahead with Hinkley nuclear power station, the British government is now dithering. They announced they won’t make a decision on the controversial nuclear plant until the autumn.

Together we've put the government on the back foot. And right now we've have a new opportunity to pile the pressure on, making sure Hinkley is finished for good.

Nearly 150,000 people have signed our petition demanding the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, drop Hinkley and invest in renewables instead. Can you share the petition with your friends and family and help us reach 200,000 before the government makes its final decision?

Your friends can sign here:

Hinkley is a national embarrassment in the making. It’s set to become the most expensive object on earth; security experts have warned against it; and it’s a bad deal for consumers, with energy bills likely to go up. And then there’s the difficult question of what to do with the radioactive waste. Worryingly the government doesn’t have the answer.

Why would we go ahead with a turkey like Hinkley, when reliable renewables could be pushed out more cheaply and quickly?

Earlier this week, we thought the final call on Hinkley would be made within days. But now the government has kicked the decision back several weeks, giving us a crucial chance to ramp up our campaign and pile more pressure on.

The media is on our side [1], even some of the EDF board members are on our side [2]. Together, thousands of us are making the case that clean, renewable is the way to keep the lights on and tackle climate change. So now let's give this another push!

Please ask your friends to sign the petition by sharing this link: