Monday 8 August 2016

Monday 08 August 2016

Folk At Five playlist:
Patsy Reid - Donside,
Ross Munro - The Piper,
Eddie Maguire - Maichair A'Caistal,
Boreas - Is Truagh Nach Robh Mi Comhla Riut,
Fraser and Ian Bruce - Farewell To The Gold,
Paper Kites, The - Living Colour,
The Queensberry Rules - Your Own Roads,
Bill Jones - Tuney Song Set: Inis Dhún Rámha + Show Me The Way To Wallington,
James Keelaghan - Next To You,
Mick Softley - I'm So Confused,
Dana And Susan Robinson - Allene's Waltz,
Bryan O'Leary & Colm Guilfoyle - Molly Myers' + Timmy Spillane's + Ellen O'Leary's, Jigs .