Thursday, 9 February 2017

Blogger, Wordpress or Drupal?

Recently, I've been reviewing my choice of content management and hosting for my own web sites and for others. Having chosen Drupal over Wordpress in the past, for the last couple of years or so I have been using Google's Blogger.

Blogger has its limitations. One loses a degree of flexibility in design, but the tradeoff is simplicity of operation and the fact that backups and security are devolved (to Google). Use of Blogger is at no cost. Rather than ramble on, I summarize thus in bullet points:

Why I use Blogger
  • Fully maintained and controlled by Google, who provide back-up, spam protection & security.
  • 1GB of free storage. Can use Google+ account for more.
  • Simple to maintain including drag & drop changes.
  • Can still use own domain name.
  • Responsive themes for mobiles included in standard templates.
  • EU directive compliance built-in.
  • Google Adsense integration.

Why I might not use Blogger
  • Google owns and ultimately controls my web sites.
  • There is more flexibility with both Wordpress & Drupal.
  • Just $5/month buys own web storage elsewhere.
  • FTP access & plugins not available with Blogger.
Note to self and anyone else: Review these choices regularly!