Saturday, 1 April 2017

Saturday 01 April 2017

Folk At Five playlist:
Eddie Maguire - Anchor Of My Heart,
Hut People, The - The Whitby Drip,
The Gary Forrest Ceilidh Band - Boston Two Step,
Maurice McGrath - Shackleton,
Andrew Calhoun - The Rookhope Ryde,
Tanja Maritsa - Won't You Dance,
Coaltown Daisies, The - It's Better This Way,
Trail West - South Australia,
Top Floor Taivers, The - Ten Little Men,
Changing Room, The - Tie 'Em Up,
Beltaine - Step It Out Mary,
Sinsheen (Barbara Dymock & Christine Kydd) - Martinmas Time,
Steamchicken - Oh Mary .