Friday 26 January 2018

The Push Against Plastic Packaging

Hi folks,

Greenpeace have just sent out the following email. How about we all join in and again Push Against Plastic Packaging?

Regards, Trevor.

"Wow! In just one week over 135,000 of you have signed the petition calling on supermarkets to ditch throwaway plastic packaging!

"This is the start of something big. After UK supermarket Iceland announced they’re getting rid of single-use plastic packaging in their own-brand products, other retailers have rushed to talk about what they’re doing to cut plastic pollution.

"But in order to tackle the huge amount of plastic waste produced every day in the UK, we need every supermarket to take urgent action on throwaway plastic packaging.

"The more of us who sign the petition, the stronger our message will be. Please can you ask your family and friends to add their names? (If you’ve already shared the petition, thank you so much!)"