Wednesday 21 March 2018

Krill harvesting threatens Antarctic Ocean environment

Thanks to #Greenpeace for this information:

In the Antarctic, all life, from the giant blue whale to a newborn penguin, depend on one tiny creature: krill. These quirky, shrimp-like crustaceans are one of the Antarctic’s most important species. Without krill, most life forms in the Antarctic would vanish.

But right now, Antarctic krill is being sucked out of the Antarctic Ocean, pulped into oil, and sold as a health supplement on UK shelves. This rapidly growing, multi-million dollar industry is threatening to upset the delicate balance of the Antarctic ecosystem.

The UK is the fourth largest krill oil market globally. And Holland & Barrett is one of the biggest sellers of krill oil products, even stocking their own krill brand.

Holland & Barrett has the power to influence the krill industry to stop fishing in areas that need to be protected. But they’ll only do it if they have thousands of people call on them to stand up and defend the Antarctic.

Email Holland & Barrett’s CEO and tell him to make sure the products on their shelves aren’t putting sensitive Antarctic waters at risk: