Monday, 19 March 2018

Monday 19 March 2018

Enjoy again Monday's Folk At Five with music from The Portraits, Eamon Friel, Zoe Mulford, Brogue, Barbara Dickson, Angus Smith & North 56,Rob Thom, James J Turner, Gillian Frame, Mairearad & Anna, Hilary Bell, Phil Hare, Dulcie Taylor, Mike Oldfield.

Folk At Five playlist:
Portraits, The - Enlightenment,
Eamon Friel - Jerusalem Today,
Zoe Mulford - Back Door Key,
Brogue - Hugh The Graeme,
Barbara Dickson - Look At The Moon,
Angus Smith & North 56 - Tha Mi Seo,
Rob Thom - Just The Kind Of Thing,
James J Turner - Alive Inside,
Gillian Frame - Silver Tassie,
Mairearad And Anna - Banjo Set,
Hilary Bell - Raiders,
Phil Hare - Can't Quote Shakespeare,
Dulcie Taylor - Halfway To Jesus,
Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth.