Sunday 4 March 2018

Saturday 03 March 2018

Folk At Five's unique playlist today features Kirsty Potts, Chris Wood, The Gaugers, The String Sisters, Rusty Shackle, Catherine Howe & Vo Fletcher, Tim Hart & Maddy Prior, Lankum, Gem Andrews, Ange Hardy, Saskia - enjoy their music again.
Folk At Five playlist:
Kirsty Potts - Betsy Belle,
Chris Wood - Beads And Feathers,
Gaugers, The - The Gypsy Laddies,
String Sisters - Mo Nion O [song],
Rusty Shackle - Stolen Letters,
Catherine Howe and Vo Fletcher - Where The White Rose Meets The Red,
Tim Hart & Maddy Prior - Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy,
Lankum - The Granite Gaze,
Gem Andrews - Letter,
Ange Hardy - The Curse Of A Dead Mans Eye,
Saskia - In Time.