Thursday, 15 March 2018

Thursday 15 March 2018

Celebrate the joyous diversity of folk music by listening again to Heartland, Sally Barker, Mairearad & Anna, Kathy Mattea, Fraser & Ian Bruce, Dulcie Taylor, Barry Nisbet, Chris Ronald Trio, Ivor Game, Joshua Burnell, Elliott Morris, Maeve MacKinnon.

Folk At Five playlist:
Heartland - Chance,
Sally Barker - Emperor Of Cool,
Mairearad And Anna - Always Will,
Kathy Mattea - Beautiful Fool (Live),
Fraser and Ian Bruce - Can Ye Sew Cushions,
Dulcie Taylor - Halfway To Jesus,
Barry Nisbet - Within Sadness,
Chris Ronald Trio, The - Continents,
Ivor Game - Beautiful Umbrella,
Joshua Burnell - Into the Green, Pt. III, The Deep,
Elliott Morris - Looking For Something That Isn't There,
Maeve MacKinnon - Sugar Town.