Thursday, 22 March 2018

Thursday 22 March 2018

Sweet music from Darren Hume, Bill Jones, Christy Scott, Phil Hare, Owen Hand, Fran Wyburn, Malinky, Joanna Hyde & Tadhg O Meachair, Po Girl, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller. Produced and presented by Trevox.

Folk At Five playlist:
Darren Hume - Proud Warrior,
Bill Jones - Rocking The Cradle,
Christy Scott - Another Song About Another,
Phil Hare - You Never Really Went,
Owen Hand - Inveraray (The Baron Of Brackley),
Fran Wyburn - Foolish Sea,
Malinky - I Dreamed Last Night Of My True Love,
Joanna Hyde & Tadhg O Meachair - One For The Foxes,
Po Girl - Dig Me A Hole,
Mary Chapin Carpenter - I Take My Chances,
Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller - The Parting Glass.