Saturday 12 May 2018

Friday 11 May 2018

On the day the first Scottish COmedy Film Festival started at Campbeltown Picture House, Friday's Folk At Five features Merry Hell, Gillian Frame, Kiérah, Trail West, Kathy Mattea, Blacktop Deluxe, Pete McClelland, Rab Noakes, John Martyn, Robyn Stapleton, Cormac Gannon, Mike Oldfield.

Merry Hell - Bury Me Naked,
Gillian Frame - Rothes Colliery,
Kiérah - Jim Hodder’s Reel + The Highlander Who Kissed His Granny,
Trail West - Here We Go A Flat,
Kathy Mattea - 455 Rocket (Live),
Blacktop Deluxe - Man Down,
Pete McClelland - Carolina Sky,
Rab Noakes - Moonlight And Gold,
John Martyn - Goin' Down To Memphis,
Robyn Stapleton - Bonnie Woodhall,
Cormac Gannon - The Moment We Are All Waiting For,
Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth.