Sunday 20 May 2018

Saturday 19 May 2018

Enjoy again Saturday's Folk At Five with music from Sally Barker, Skipinnish, Liv Austen, Rab Noakes, Camila Koller, Bob Frankee, Alex Campbell, James Yorkston, Jim Reynolds, Findlay Napier, Roger Pugh, Jenny Sturgeon.

Sally Barker - Captains,
Skipinnish - Wishing Well,
Liv Austen - The Next Time,
Rab Noakes - Get Yourself Another Fool,
Camila Koller - Wings,
Bob Frankee - My Next Drink,
Alex Campbell - Been On The Road So Long,
James Yorkston - Orgiva Song,
Jim Reynolds - Stay Out Of My Dreams,
Findlay Napier - Princess Rosanna Drowned In The Clyde,
Roger Pugh - Forever And A Night,
Jenny Sturgeon - Culan.