Saturday 26 May 2018

Thursday 24 May 2018

Thursday's unique Folk At Five playlist features music from Eddi Reader, Joni Mitchell, Heather Downie, Chris Flegg, Hungrytown, Siobhan Miller, Sophie Ramsay, Yvonne Lyon, Phil Hare, Stoned Cherries, Michelle Burke, Gnoss.

Eddi Reader - Back The Dogs,
Joni Mitchell - You Turn Me On, I'm A Radio,
Heather Downie - The Best Of Us,
Chris Flegg - Another Child In Africa,
Hungrytown - Static,
Siobhan Miller - The Unquiet Grave,
Sophie Ramsay - The Lea Rig,
Yvonne Lyon - Pockets Full Of Storms,
Phil Hare - Text 0898,
Stoned Cherries, The - Morrisons,
Michelle Burke - A Kiss In The Morning Early,
Gnoss - Brother Wind.