Saturday 16 June 2018

Folk At Five, Saturday 16 June 2018

A sunny end to Saturday and great music on Folk At Five from John Graham & Jim Jack, Karin Grandal-Park & Karl Robins, Tony McManus, Blacktop Deluxe, Kara, Bob Davenport, Po Girl, Cormac Gannon, Blazin' Fiddles, The Trials of Cato, Skerryvore, David Livingston.

John Graham & Jim Jack - West Coast Days,
Karin Grandal-Park And Karl Robins - There's That Woman,
Tony McManus - The Laird Of Drumblaire+The Margaree Reel,
Blacktop Deluxe - Robinsons Shaft,
Kara - Hollingbourne + Broadhurst Gardens,
Bob Davenport - The Green Banks Of Yarrow,
Po Girl - Grace,
Cormac Gannon - Tipping It Up To Nancy,
Blazin' Fiddles - The Lads Like Beer,
Trials of Cato, The - Fighting Jack,
Skerryvore - Waiting On The Sun,
David Livingston - What's Wrong With This Picture.

Originally crossposted here in error.