Saturday 28 July 2018

Friday 27 July 2018

A fun filled Folk At Five with music old and new from Jennifer Licko, Renaissance, Jenny Lysander, Tommy Sands, Coda, Eamonn Friel, Canny Fettle, Alex Campbell, Ewan McLennan, Mike Vass, Malinky, The Furrow Collective, Sylvia Barnes - The End O'T, Mike Oldfield.

Jennifer Licko - I Bhi A Da,
Renaissance - Northern Lights,
Jenny Lysander - A Painter's Brush,
Tommy Sands - You Sold Us Down The River,
Coda - Dimming Of The Day,
Eamonn Friel - The Silence Between,
Canny Fettle - Birks Of Endermay +Taie Gar Ye Loup +Dunstanburgh Castle,
Alex Campbell - My Singing Bird,
Ewan McLennan - Lichtbob's Lassie,
Mike Vass - Quiet Voices,
Malinky - I Dreamed Last Night Of My True Love,
The Furrow Collective - Shule Agra,
Sylvia Barnes - The End O'T,
Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth.