Tuesday 24 July 2018

Monday 23 July 2018

Listen again to Monday's Folk At Five with music from Eliza Carthy & The Ratcatchers, Jamie Mallender, Hannah James, Sinsheen, Sayer & Joyce, Cara, The Corries, Anna Massie, Jenn Butterworth, Mairearad Green, Iontach, Malinky, Chloe Hall, Mike Oldfield.
Eliza Carthy & The Ratcatchers - Maid On The Shore,
Jamie Mallender - Slip Away,
Hannah James - Treasures,
Sinsheen (Barbara Dymock & Christine Kydd) - Canaan's Land + Why Walk,
Sayer & Joyce - Backbone,
Cara - The Elfin Knight,
Corries, The - The Isle Of Skye,
Anna Massie, Jenn Butterworth, Mairearad Green - Big Lil,
Iontach - Amhrán Na Cuiginne + The Milkmaid,
Malinky - The Lang Road Doon,
Chloe Hall - I'm Still Here,
Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth.