Wednesday 18 July 2018

Saturday 14 July 2018

Enjoy again Saturday's Folk At Five with music from Colleen Raney, Solas, Iontach, Ben Sures, Crucible, Kate Rusby, Karen Matheson, Glymjack, The Two Sisters, The Portraits, Heartland, Mike Oldfield.

Colleen Raney - Love & Freedom,
Solas - Welcome The Unknown,
Iontach - Peata Beag,
Ben Sures - Everybody Matters,
Crucible - Collier Lad + Highland Mary,
Kate Rusby - Bitter Boy,
Karen Matheson - Mi le M' Uilinn,
Glymjack - The Wolf Who Cried Boy,
The Two Sisters, Hilary James & Janet Giraudo - Dream A Little Dream Of Me,
Portraits, The - A Different Corner,
Heartland - March 17th + Out On The Ocean,
Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth.