Thursday 16 August 2018

New music submissions - an apology

It's always pleasing and refreshing to receive new music for audition and potential playlisting. For years, now decades, the web site Contact Form and email sytems have been reliable methods of contact. Electronic transmission of music files, via Dropbox or Google Drive, has joined the posted CD as a reliable way of receiving tracks.

In the outward direction, after each radio show, I have used 'blogs, Twitter and other social media to publish playlists, and Mixcloud as a 'listen again' hub for streaming.

What I didn't realise until today, is that some folk had attempted to contact me using 'Messenger'. They must have wondered why I ignored them, but the truth is I didn't know until recently that 'Messenger' is not the same thing as 'SMS text messaging'. Now I know it is a part of Facebook, which I monitor only occasionally, normally to check that 'blog posts are reflected correctly. I can only apologise for my ignorance.

For the avoidance of doubt and to ensure the speediest contact, it would be great if folk could make initial contact by email if they have the address, or by using the Contact Form at if they don't.