Tuesday 4 September 2018

Monday 03 September 2018

For me, Mondays come alive at Five with folk music. Enjoy today's show again with musicians GypsyFingers, Breabach, Skinner & T'witch, Old Blind Dogs, Stephen Skinn, The McCalmans, Tom Paxton, John Williamson, Foxglove Trio, Pauline Alexander, Leonard Cohen, Dolores Keane.

GypsyFingers - You,
Breabach - Scott Drive,
Skinner & T'witch - Breakaway In A Takeaway,
Old Blind Dogs - Nevertheless,
Stephen Skinn - Up In The Sky,
The McCalmans - Don't Sit On My Jimmy Shands,
Tom Paxton - Cindy's Crying + Hooker,
John Williamson - Wrinkles,
Foxglove Trio - Colli Llanwddyn,
Pauline Alexander - Money For Floods [Live At Troon],
Leonard Cohen - Chelsea Hotel No.2,
Dolores Keane - Caledonia.