Friday 2 November 2018

Thursday 01 November 2018

Folk At Five

Miranda Sykes + Rex Preston - Going To The West,
Solasta - Port Na bPucai,
Jake Morley - Heart Song,
Sinnober - Angels Of Fire And Snow,
Andrew J Newall - Got To Get Out Of Here,
Breabach - Prince's Strand,
Liv Austen - Part Time Sweetheart,
L J Coon - Wisdom Through Fairy Tales,
Jerry Bogan - Can You Feel Me Love You,
Gillian Frame - Silver Tassie,
Kyle Carey - Nora O' Kane,
Bruce Cockburn - Different When It Comes To You,
Pauline Alexander - Broken Youth,
Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth.
Folk At Five, Thursday 01 November 2018