Thursday 18 April 2019

Wednesday 17 April 2019

Folk At Five

Thanks to Jeremy and Lorraine Millington, The Portraits, for including a trip to Argyll FM in their holiday itinerary and performing a selection of their tracks live on Folk At Five. A great show, chatting off the cuff about music mainly, but also touching on the Notre Dame cathedral fire.

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth,
Johnny Coppin - Gloucestershire From Abroad,
Portraits, The - Harmonise,
Unthanks, The - Betsy Bell,
Portraits, The - English Motorways,
Trials Of Cato, The - Gawain,
Portraits, The - Those Were The Days,
Gail Fean - Nil Na La (Song),
Portraits, The - Penniless Port,
Portraits, The - Monochrome.