Friday, 24 May 2019

Friday 24 May 2019

Folk At Five

Owen Hand - The Barley Bree,Nickel Creek - Sweet Afton,
Teresa Horgan & Matt Griffin - Cruel Sister,
Niteworks - Cumhachd,
Gem Andrews - Heart Like A Wheel,
Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley - R Aim's Compliments To J Craigie, The Holm Band Tune,
Real Time - I'm Looking For My Own Lone Ranger,
Marilyn Middleton Pollock - Peace And Love And Understanding,
Maren Morris - Dear Hate (Radio Edit),
Shelagh Mcdonald - Stargazer,
Jessie Weir, reading the story by Alexander Weir - Archie And The Dark Door Mystery, Episode 15,
Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth.