Saturday 8 February 2020

Friday 07 February 2020

Folk At Five

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth,
Gerry Gareau - I'm In For That,
James Keelaghan - Abraham,
Tiroler Sunnwendmusig - Schönwetter Marsch,
Ivan Drever - Hoy's Dark and Lofty Past,
Robyn Stapleton - Ae Fond Kiss,
Tommy Sands with Moya and Fionan Sands - A Stor Mo Chroi,
Salt House - Katie Cruel,
Ceili Moss - Homecoming,
Dowally - Fluorescent Banshee,
Sarah McQuaid - If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous,
Jim Reynolds - Stay Out Of My Dreams,
Sheila K Cameron & The Wizard Of WOS - Drink To Me Only,
John Wort Hannam - Roll Roll Roll.