Friday 17 July 2020

Friday 17 July 2020 Playlist

State Cows - Riding This Highway,
Ann Peebles - I Can't Stand The Rain,
Billie Myers - Kiss The Rain,
Miles From Kinshasa - Wearing Smiles,
Steve Balsamo - Longer Road,
The Family Silver - A Newer Yesterday,
Jocelyn Brown - Somebody Else's Guy,
Wild Ponies - Home Is Where The Road Goes,
Reardon Love - Locked In The Panopticon,
Lekan Tella - Savannah Red,
Morgan Nicholls - Here Comes the Rain,
Sarah Brightman - I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper,
Deborah Harry - I Want That Man,
Andre Mayon - Love At First Sight,
Pink Floyd - Money (Excerpt),
Natalie Shay - Yesterday (Slow Version).