Saturday 15 August 2020

Friday 14 August 2020 Playlist

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth,
John Kirkpatrick - The King & The Tinker,
Brenda Cochrane - Will Ye Go Lassie Wild Mountain Thyme,
Mary Gauthier - Our Lady Of The Shooting Stars,
Peter Bellamy - We Have Fed Our Seas,
Spinners - We Shall Not Be Moved,
Scott Macdonald - Start Living The Way You Want,
Tony Winn - Sometimes The Worst Is The Best,
Session A9 - Running To Mull, Kent To Kintail,
Merry Hell - Man of Few Words,
Gemma Mae Anderson - I Want To Believe It,
Melanie - Bo Bo's Party,
Alex Hodgson - Jock O' Hazeldean,
Serious Child - You Wear The Smile,
Mumford & Sons - Reminder.