Thursday 3 September 2020

Wednesday 02 September 2020 Playlist

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth,
Said The Maiden - Take The Night,
Calum Martin - Cha Chluinn Mi'n Traigh,
Skinner & T'witch - I Don't Want An iPad (I Just Want World Peace),
Johnny Steinberg - Man On Wire,
Poor Man's Gambit - Leddy Set (Leddy From Cavan, Maudabawn, Chapelfox, Hunter's),
Katherine Campbell - Here Is The Glen And Here Is The Bower,
Eleanor McEvoy - Dreaming Of Leaving [Naked Version],
Fraser and Ian Bruce - Catch Me If You Can,
Martyn Joseph - The Ballad Of William Worthy,
Southbank Crows - Who We Are,
Sunjay - Johnny & The Devil,
Pressgang Mutiny - Wild Goose Shanty,
Johny Corrigan - Renegade,
Nancy Kerr & James Fagan - The Outside Track.