Saturday 17 October 2020

Teatime With Trevox

Over the last month on Teatime With Trevox, you would have heard music from these artists - if you missed them on Argyll FM (6pm Fridays), catch up on

Agnes Jones, Ariana Grande, Ben's Brother, The Bo Weevils, Britney Spears, Bruce Engler, Bruno Mars, Caffeine, Calling All Astronauts, The Commodores, Croft & Cotes, The Cultures, Deep Purple, Donna Summer, Emma Kelly, EMT, ETAN, Fanni Mayer, Frankie Swain, Greye, Hafdis Huld, The Hot One Two, Jack Francis, Jasmine Bharucha, Jenny Angel, Jessie Galante, Jim Kirkpatrick, John Denver, Johnny Altman, Justin Bieber, K' Jones & LXT, Killing Kenny, Kim Wilde, Kylie Minogue, Lauren Alex Hooper, Laville, Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee, Matinee, Mazz Murray, Melanie Masson, Men Without Hats, Mick Wynne, Mike DeFoy, The Novatines, Ny'a, Paloma Faith, Pamela Sue Mann, The Pasadenas, Paul Alexander Low, Pink Floyd, Project X, Rita Ora, Rowen Reecks, The Senton Bombs, Sinclair, Skins N Bones, Soricah, Stacy Gabel, Stepford Wives, Stephen Wrench, Stine Vega, Sunstack Jones, Tanille, Tenek, The Hollies, The Motors, Tilt, Tin Gun, Tod Almond, Tony October, Two Weeks In Nashville, Wolfberry, Yammerer, Zoey Lily.