Friday 27 November 2020

Saturday 21 November 2020 Playlist

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth,
Claire Hastings - The House at Rosehill,
Tommy Fleming - For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her,
Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer - Andy Clarke's,
Ian Bruce - Charlie Is My Darling,
David Fee - Gravity Is Calling,
Steve & John Dagleish - Mister Parsons's Tears,
Henry Parker - Prospect Of Wealth,
Serious Child - Time Keeps Rolling,
Tom Roseburgh And Others - Lullabye,
Jake Aaron - Fag Ash and Beer,
Martyn Joseph - There But For Fortune,
Brent Daniels - My Truck's Bigger Than Your Truck,
Mike Donaghy - The Fern Tree,
The Two Sisters, Hilary James & Janet Giraudo - What A Little Moonlight Can Do,
Meadows, The - Brigg Fair,
Rachel Hamer Band, The - Bevan Boys.