Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Wednesday 20 January 2021

Paul McKenna Band, The - Holding On
Unthanks, The - Flowers Of The Town
Donnie Munro - Mother Glasgow
Bob Leslie - Upon a Foreign Shore
Poozies, The - Wedding Song
Allan Johnston - Carry Me Aff Tae Australia
Joel & Cedric Perri - Small Panflute
Skinner & T'witch - Too Many Feet
Battlefield Band, The - Kitty Got A Clinking Coming From The Fair + Overton Park
Billy Connolly, John McCusker And Others - Pokarekare Ana
Red Dirt Skinners, The - Eleanor Joan (reprise)
Damian Helliwell - Icy Hill
Leonard Cohen - Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye
Gem Andrews - Please Forget Me
Maeve MacKinnon - Iomaraibh Eutrom (Row Lightly)
Miranda Sykes + Rex Preston - Exiles Return