Saturday, 17 April 2021

Saturday 17 April 2021

Elena Piras - A' Phiuthrag 's A Phiuthar
James Tait - The Barrowburn Cream Scones
David Hershaw & Sandie Forbes - Moonshiner
Rab Noakes - One Dog Barks
Cormac Gannon - Different
Alan Jackson - Designated Drinker
Claire Hastings - When a Knight Won His Spurs
Le Vent Du Nord - Dans Les Cachots
Liza Mulholland - On The Road
Maurice McGrath - Eve Of All Souls
Hilary Bell - Open Your Eyes, My Newborn Son
Alex Campbell - Love Is Teasing
Marilyn Middleton Pollock - Peace And Love And Understanding
Moonshine Rebels - Saint Patricks Redemption