Thursday, 30 September 2021

Thursday 30 September 2021

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Zoe Mulford - The Queen Of Skye
Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley - Stronsay Waltz
Rachel Newton - A Token
Paula Ryan - Donnachas Lullaby
Allison Lupton & Craig Werth - When Trouble Comes
Rich McMahon - Ten Thousand Miles From Dublin
Spinners, The - Mist Over The Mersey
Burner Band, The (Lewis & Ian) - Don't Have To Listen
Anna Massie, Jenn Butterworth, Mairearad Green - Navigator
Real Time - Elibanks And Elibraes
Lowri Evans - You
Phil Hare - The Day Thatcher Passed Away
Ewan McLennan - Whistling The Esperanza
Mick Moloney, Jimmy Keane, Robbie O'Connell - Kilkelly