Tuesday 9 November 2021

Tuesday 09 November 2021

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Ange Hardy - The Foolish Heir
Merry Hell - Over The Wall
Tommy Sands With Moya And Fionan Sands - Time For Asking Why
Saskia - Make You Feel My Love (Live)
Gem Andrews - Crimson Tides
Ewan Mclennan - Lampedusa
Oka Vanga - This Train
Pat Walsh - The Mystery Reel + Naughton's (Reels)
Joni Mitchell - You Turn Me On, I'm A Radio
Stewart Henderson, Yvonne Lyon, Carol Henderson - After The Fall
Mark White - Tea Time
Owen Hand - Rambling Boy
Dan Korn & Joe Sharp - For Love
Kirsty Potts - A Wee Bird Cam Tae My Apron