Thursday 3 February 2022

Thursday 03 February 2022

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Clutha, The - My Apron
Brian Mcguire - Bill Hartes, Geeses In The Bog, Blackthorn Stick
Jenny Sturgeon - Harbour Masters
Neil Campbell - Haggard Rider
Luka Bloom - Innocence
Glenn Hodge Banned - As It Is
Yvonne Lyon - Hope
Red Dirt Skinners - Sad Songs
Said The Maiden - The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood
Ivan Drever - The Ballad Of Pirate Gow
Alex Campbell - Candy Man
Liam Merriman & Eoin O Meachair - The Heather Blazing + Darling Girl
Winter Wilson - Storm Around Tumbledown
Marilyn Middleton-Pollock - Melancholy Blues