Tuesday 15 March 2022

Tuesday 15 March 2022, with Daniel Innes talking about developments at MACC

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Fran Wyburn - Snowdrops And Me
Rachel Newton - O Co Thogas Dhiom An Fhadachd
Freewheelers - John Egan's + The Shaskeen + The Queen of May
Elena Piras - An Teid Thu Leam Gu Tir A Mhurainn
Rusty Smith - A Little More Humanity Please
Kelly Oliver - In The City
Merry Hell - Younger Than You Were
Sheila K Cameron - I've Waited A Long Time
Carbonhobo (Neil McCartney, Ben McCartney) - Stranger
Bridget Marsden and Leif Ottosson - Polska Efter Munter Johan