Monday, 16 May 2022

Monday 16 May 2022

Jamie Mallender - Hippiebilly Boogie
Ivan Drever - Cooper o' Castle Yards
Lismore Choir - Tibie Paiom
Canny Fettle - Joy Of Living + Durham Regatta
John Martyn - Goin' Down To Memphis
Solasta - Port Na bPúcaí
Barbara Dymock - The Beefcan Close
Darwin's Daughter - Angel On My Shoulder
Peter Croft - Port Arthur Blues
Bobby Gardiner - Hornpipe Johnson's
Ryan Brooks - Vice (Is Where The Devil Finds His Darlings)
Stephen Doster - The Rooster Crows
Ben Bedford - The Fox
Martin Carthy - Famous Flower of Serving Men
Carol Fieldhouse - Birdsong