Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Wednesday 12 October 2022

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Johnny Coppin - Survival
Kirsty Potts - Scotland's Peace Train
Green Diesel - Northern Frisk
John Stuart Scottish Dance Band - 6'8 Brittania Two-step
Chris Lewington - Take Time To Take Time
Battlefield Band, The - Dookin’ For Beetroot + The Head Roaster
Merry Hell - Bury Me Naked
The Pleasures - The Beginning Of The End
Dan Webster - Haul Away
Spinners, The - Greensleeves + Lovely Joan
Arcelia - Yellow Soup
Findlay Napier - How Will You Escape
Outside Track, The - A Kiss In The Morning Early+The Hole In The Hedge
Barry Nisbet - Hunger's Daughter